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Five learning paths

The five ready-to-use learning paths consist of multiple layers of information and assignments. In short film clips young people share their experiences of exclusion, discrimination and hate crimes. Their voices are at the core of the learning paths. The assignments form the start of each track, challenging the learners to think critically about their own position and choices.

Each of the five learning paths consists of two or three tracks. The learning paths can be seen as a module, consisting of several lessons, the tracks. To follow a whole learning path you will need between 3 to 5 lessons of 50 minutes, depending on whether homework assignments are given.  Each track is built up of online and offline individual and group activities reflecting the blended nature of today’s learning.

The five learning paths

Seeing & being
Exploring how we see ourselves and others, reflecting on the multiple identities people have, and the need for a positive approach to diversity. Read more

Facing discrimination
Understanding how prejudices and discrimination function and showing multiple examples of antigypsyism, antisemitism and other forms of discrimination that young people face. Read more

Life stories
By exploring the personal stories of individuals, from different periods of history, learners reflect on the continuity and discontinuity of discrimination. Read more

Mastering the media
Looking at how propaganda, stereotyping, prejudices and hate speech are part of the online domain. Read more

Taking action
Reflecting on what taking action means and empowering young people by sharing examples of youth initiatives on different scales throughout Europe. Read more

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