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Seeing & being

In this learning path, learners:

  • Reflect on how they see themselves and other people;
  • Explore different aspects of their own identity;
  • Are introduced to diversity as a natural part of the world around them;
  • Consider the role prejudices can have on people’s lives.

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Download the educators´ guide
This includes tips and extra information per track

The Seeing & Being learning path consists of three tracks (lessons) each with a number of steps.

Track 1: Learners explore how they make assumptions.

Track 2: Learners look at the multiple identities everyone has.

Track 3: Homes in on what is visible and what is not, and what people choose to reveal about themselves or not. Learners also explore the role played by prejudices.

Learners should be able to complete this learning path in about 150 minutes, or 50 minutes per track. You can choose how many of the tracks to do. All three are easily adaptable to the ability level of your learners.


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