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Welcome to Stories that Move

This page outlines what to expect from our toolbox against discrimination, who it’s designed for, and how to use it.

Who is the toolbox for?

We’ve designed this online learning tool for learners aged 14 and above. It’s an engaging and flexible tool that is ideal for use in a wide range of subject lessons, such as humanities, languages, history, social sciences and ethics classes. We also recommend it for use in exchange programmes, civic education and many more educational settings.

Our educators’ guides suggest the aims of each learning path and lesson – but don’t let this restrict you. Most parts of the toolbox are easily adaptable for different age groups and learning aims.

What to expect

Stories that Move helps you discuss diversity and discrimination in the classroom and in distance learning. Young people’s voices, faces and experiences are at the heart of this resource. Through storytelling, learners are inspired to reflect on what they hear, share their own feelings and thoughts, and listen to each other.

Learners and educators find that this approach fosters interpersonal skills and empathy. It builds relationships in the classroom, creating a learning environment in which complex and sensitive topics can be explored together. Find out more about our pedagogical approaches.

Five learning paths

We’ve created a selection of learning paths, each exploring a topic to do with discrimination. The idea is to help, not limit, you in designing your lessons. You can follow a path in its entirety or mix and match the teaching materials from across the paths.

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