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Mastering the media

In this learning path learners:

  • Consider which media they and their fellow learners use and how this might influence them.
  • Explore the concept of stereotypes and consider the relationship between stereotypes and prejudices.
  • Explore the concept of stereotypes in relation to advertising.
  • Use active reading and listening skills to challenge their preconceptions about groups of people represented in adverts.
  • Learn which techniques are used in propaganda.

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Download the educators´ guide
This includes tips and extra information per track

This learning path consists of three tracks (lessons) each with a number of steps.

Track 1: Learners analyse their own media usage and compare their media consumption with other learners.

Track 2: Learners explore how stereotypes are used in the media and how they affect how we see the world and the people around us.

Track 3: Learners consider historical and contemporary examples to explore the mechanisms used in propaganda and consider how they themselves might be influenced.

Learners require approximately 100 minutes for tracks 1 and 2, and about 50 minutes for track 3.

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