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Dealing with complexity

When dealing with a topic that is both complex and sensitive it is all the more important to make it relevant and rewarding for the learner. Creating a safe space for an open exchange of ideas is key.

Although discrimination is an everyday word, it is not easy to define and may mean different things to different people. Similarly, all ideologies against ‘others’ – such as antigypsyism, antisemitism and racism – are not easy to define and exist on multiple levels. Exploring interpersonal and institutional discrimination will help learners consider how deeply racism – or discrimination against any ideologically constructed group of ‘others’ – is rooted in our societies. Looking at how the media may influence our world view or behaviour will help them consider whether they themselves are being informed or influenced, and when bias becomes propaganda. The toolbox aims to engage students and encourage critical thinking. There are no clear-cut answers, just the excitement of discovering new thoughts and new perspectives.

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