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Facing discrimination

Young people from across Europe share their experiences of discrimination.

All clips are subtitled in English. The clips marked with * are subtitled in all the project languages.

  • Márk, Hungary, 17*

    Márk describes how he feels about his girlfriend's father disapproving of him.

  • Csaba, Hungary, 16

    Csaba talks about being refused entry to a bar with friends.

  • Alyona, Ukraine, 19

    Alyona talks about how people stereotype Roma.

  • Hilga, Germany, 16

    Hilga’s friend was outraged by a teacher’s anti-LGBT comment.

  • Tyrell, Germany, 14*

    Tyrell describes his experience of racism in the classroom at primary school.

  • Laurens, The Netherlands, 17

    Laurens describes being insulted after he tells people he is transgender.

  • Nick, Ukraine, 17*

    Nick talks about the discrimination he faces as a homosexual in Ukraine.

  • Aya, The Netherlands, 17*

    Aya explains the subtle prejudices she sometimes encounters.

  • Medine, Germany, 17*

    Medine gives her own definition of prejudice and discrimination.

  • Robin, The Netherlands, 18

    Robin talks about continually being questioned about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

  • Suraya, Austria, 19

    Suraya talks about the antisemitism she witnessed in a park.

  • Wael, Germany, 19

    Wael talks about the discrimination his mother faces in Berlin, Germany.

  • Anna, Denmark, 17*

    Anna talks about the Star of David she wears as a necklace, and why it is important to her.

  • Elias, Denmark, 15

    On his way to play football with his friends Elias was confronted with antisemitic hate speech.

  • Dori, Hungary, 18

    Dori used to laugh at certain jokes, but she now realises that they were offensive.

  • Matej, Slovakia, 18

    Matej talks about being discriminated against because of his disability.

  • Wioletta, Poland, 17

    Wioletta talks about being a Jehovah’s Witness and being threatened in class by another student.

  • Ardiola, Germany, 17

    Ardiola talks about being part of an Alawite Muslim minority.

  • Zekman, Germany, 16

    Zekman shares his thoughts about LGBT-issues.

  • Wael, Germany, 19

    Wael explains that because of recent terrorist attacks people see him as a terrorist too.

  • Anna, Denmark, 17*

    Anna talks about the guard at the synagogue who was murdered while she was inside helping at a Bat Mitzvah.

  • Tyrell, Aya, Nick, Anna, Márk*

    Stories of five people who experienced discrimination. This clip is integrated in the learning path Facing discrimination in track 1 and track 2.

  • Shirel, Austria, 17

    Shirel talks about her own prejudices and the snap judgements she makes.

  • Shirel, Austria, 17

    Shirel describes having antisemitic insults hurled at her in a tram.

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