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Media influences

Media literacy is gaining importance in the curriculum. To prepare for an active role in society learners need to be competent navigating the media. This includes having insight into how different media may be biased and how we, as consumers of media, are influenced by this.

In a blizzard of online information, it is important for learners to be able to discern where that information is coming from. Are we being informed or manipulated? The line between news and advertising is sometimes blurred. What role do both play, either in reinforcing stereotypes and prejudices or addressing them? Stories that Move offers some first insights. A good starting point for any discussion on the influence of the media on our world views is to look at what media we ourselves use and why. An open and honest exchange of ideas is essential. By analysing adverts and looking at historical and contemporary examples of propaganda, Stories that Move aims to raise awareness about how facts, techniques and emotions may be blended.

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