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How the project started

Stories that Move was shaped by an inspiring international youth meeting in Berlin in 2013, followed by a meeting of 65 experts from 14 countries in 2014. You can watch videos about these events below.
Voices of young people are an important aspect of Stories that Move. They can empower other young people across Europe, but they also strengthen the ownership of this project -­ as the international youth meeting provided the first input to the online toolbox.
The following three key points were subsequently highlighted by the educators:

  • Listening: It is essential to listen to those who experience discrimination and intolerance. This tool brings the voices of a wider range of young people into the learning environments.
  • Dialogue: A powerful way to raise awareness. The web tool creates space for dialogue.
  • Sensitivity: Educators need to be prepared to discuss different forms of discrimination on an analytical level and to handle the topic with sensitivity, taking into account the vulnerability of their learners.

The launch of Stories that Move took place in Berlin, 28-29 June 2018. During two days educators from across Europe who had worked with the online tool, young people involved in developing and testing the tool and the international project team shared their experiences and looked ahead.

Earlier reports and short documentaries document the preparation of the project in 2013 and 2014.
If you click the reports they will open in a new window.

Report International Conference and Launch of Stories that Move, 2018

Report Expert meeting, 2014

Report International Youth Conference, 2013
















The videos are only available in English.

  • International Youth Conference, 2013

    This short film (12 minutes, by Brigitte Bertele) was made during the International Youth Conference held in Berlin 2013, featuring stories from young people from nine European countries.

  • Expert meeting, 2014

    This short film (13 minutes, by Susanne Dzeik) on the expert meeting in Berlin gives insight into the topics raised and the opinions of experts across Europa.

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