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25 okt 2018 - door Shannon Hancock

At the launch of Stories that Move in Berlin, June 2018 four students from the International School of Amsterdam — Rania from Bangladesh, Zozi from Hungary, Trinabh from the Netherlands and Leilani from the US led a social media campaign. They launched it with the tweet “tomorrow we change the world”.

From left to right: Leilani, Rania, Zozi & Trinabh

As Rania said on stage in Berlin: “In a world where discrimination is pervasive, inescapable, and rooted in the entire history of humanity’s existence, the next generation must be equipped to take on injustices wherever they may be found.” These four students participated in workshops at the Anne Frank House, and provided feedback and ideas. This autumn, they launched a creativity, activity and service (CAS) club at the school with the goal of creating a larger team of students to develop a series of parent workshops; to reach out to other schools in the Netherlands; and to continue to act as ambassadors for the project. As Trinabh, says, “If we cannot value another person for who they are, then we have failed to make society work. We must value each other for who we are, as individuals and as a collective global community.”

The aim of the project is to create a framework and space for safe, open dialogue about identity, discrimination, and to inspire students to take positive action in one’s local and/or global community,” says Shannon Hancock, teacher at ISA. The ISA itself is expanding its use of Stories that Move: it is being used in several year groups and subjects.

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