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Meeting up with Landry

13 Sep 2017 - by Anton Kolmbauer

Meeting up with Landry

Landry took part in a Slovak seminar linked to Stories that Move in 2014. He now studies in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The 2014 seminar got Landry talking about his own experiences as a Slovakian with roots in Benin, West Africa: “It is important to share your experiences and emotions, so others can link up and help you. I would say Stories that Move really helps you to think about diversity and other people from different perspectives.”

How has living in different countries changed his way of thinking? And why does he think it is important to listen to other people’s stories? Watch his film clip:

Seeing & being – sharing my story
Exploring how we see ourselves and others, reflecting on the multiple identities people have is part of Stories that Move. Landry talks about the importance of his family and heritage. But also how he realises friends, culture and the country where he grew up all influenced his identity.

Landry says: “My heritage is also very important to me. When you live on your own I think that is when you start seeing how you were brought up.

“For me home is a combination of your history, your cultural background, your upbringing, and of course the geographical place. My home would be in Slovakia, with my mother, my brother and my sister.”

Stories that Move offers various Learning Paths. In Seeing & being learners explore different aspects of their identity, and are introduced to diversity as a natural part of the world around them.

Landry says: “Another thing I recognised living in different countries is that prejudices come from ignorance and from not knowing.“

The Stories that move film clips allow you to bring different points of view into your classroom, and explore topics such as identity, discrimination or taking action with your learners.

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