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Webinar Stories that Move: Teaching about sexual diversity

Anne Frank Housewebinar

The international day against Homophobia, trans and biphobia is marked on the 17th of May 2023. There is a crying need to raise awareness about violation of LGBTQ(IA+) rights and stimulate interest in ways to prevent such abuses. This teachers’ webinars will hear personal accounts of young people standing up to discrimination against the LGBTQ(IA+) community, and discuss different ways to address sexual diversity in classrooms.

Aims of the webinar:

  • To help teachers and other educational professionals to discuss the topic sexual diversity and the discrimination of the LGBTQ(IA+) community with young adults.
  • To get to know the stories of young people from the LGBTQ(IA+) community facing discrimination
  • To get to know the method of blended learning and visible thinking
  • To provide teachers with concrete exercises to discuss the discrimination of LGBTQ(IA+) community
  • To learn how you can use the online toolbox in the classroom

The webinar will be lead by Juliette Schrauwen, trainer at the Anne Frank House.

Laurens: “Stories that Move was the start of my international LGBTQ(IA+) ambassador work. I absolutely loved the first Stories that Move youth conference in 2013. I met a lot of inspiring people. Everyone was open towards different views on the world without judging; willing to talk to each other and to learn. I felt safe to be myself, share my personal stories and learn from the stories of others. Participating had a great positive effect on my personal development.”

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