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Webinar Stories that Move: Standing up against discrimination

Anne Frank Housewebinar

The international day against racism is marked every year on the 21 March. The Anne Frank house will host a webinar on Stories that Move where you will learn new strategies to talk about discrimination with your students. Two Stories that Move trainers will introduce different ways to discuss these complex and sensitive topics, using the stories of young people.

Aims of the webinar:

  • To help teachers and other educational professionals to discuss the topic of discrimination with young adults.
  • To get to know the stories of young people facing discrimination
  • To get to the method of blended learning and visible thinking
  • To get to know exercises from Learning path 2 of the online tool: facing discrimination that explores the function and process of discrimination on both interpersonal and societal levels
  • To learn how you can use the online toolbox in the classroom

The webinar will be lead by Juliette Schrauwen, trainer at the Anne Frank House.

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