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Stories that Move: Democracy is yours

Anne Frank Housewebinar

The topic of democracy is a topic that interests young adults. But how do they feel about democracy and what is important to them?

We will be using this summer break to film a new series of personal stories, focusing on young people’s ideas and experiences of democracy. Amid growing concern about the rise in support for anti-democratic parties and movements across Europe, we hope to support educators who feel that they can and must help their students understand both the importance of democracy and the role we can all play in strengthening democratic values. 

In September, in the run-up to the International Day of Democracy, which is marked every year on the 15th of September, we will be hosting a webinar on teaching students the relevance of democracy in their lives, aiming to inspire meaningful exchanges. During the webinar you will get to know the stories of young adults and what they have to say about what democracy means to them.  Two Stories that Move trainers will introduce to you the Online Toolbox and you will get a chance to experience a few exercises to discover how Stories that Moves works.

In this webinar:

  • To learn how you can use the online toolbox in the classroom
  • To get to know exercises from different Learning paths of the online tool
  • To get to know the method of blended learning and visible thinking
  • To get to know the stories of young people and their thoughts about democracy
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