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Media and Stereotypes; Teaching about prejudice and stereotypes in the media


How do the media tackle prejudice? Or do they actually spread prejudice? This Stories that Move webinar in media literacy week presents young people’s thoughts on the subject. Stories that Move trainers will introduce the online tool and you will see the toolbox in action with exercises from learning path 4, Mastering the Media.

 Aims of the webinar:

  • To get to know the blended method through examples from Stories that Move
  • To consider how stereotypes are used in the media and how those stereotypes influence how we think about the world around us
  • To consider the techniques used in propaganda to influence our views of reality
  • To get to know two tracks in the online tool that focus on how stereotypes are used in adverts and in propaganda, using blended learning and visible thinking routines 

 The webinar will be lead by Juliette Schrauwen, trainer at the Anne Frank House.

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