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International Expert Meeting in Barcelona 31 January – 1 February 2024

During the expert meeting we will be celebrating the results of a project that started in 2013, with an international youth meeting in Berlin and that has been developed into a multi-lingual online toolbox against discrimination that has reached over 10.000 educators and through them tens of thousands of students. In a two day meeting we want to review what has been achieved and consider how the process of supporting educators in discussing diversity and discrimination with their learners, can be carried further. The aim is to help young people to become active citizens who promote respect and equality in society.

We are inviting a small number of educational experts to review the ongoing process of this project by giving input on the strengths and weaknesses, highlighting both opportunities and challenges in supporting educators in formal and non-formal educational settings to address prejudices and discrimination. Youth leaders from different backgrounds will also be invited to the expert meeting to share their experiences as peer educators and their insights on what is needed to inspire more young people to speak out and take action.