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International anti-discrimination workshop for teachers 24 – 27 April

Krzyżowa Foundationworkshop

The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe (Poland), Milan Šimečka Foundation (Slovakia) and the Anne Frank Centre (Germany) would like to invite teachers and educators from Poland, Slovakia and Germany to participate in an anti-discrimination education workshop which will take place in Krzyżowa on 24-27.04.2023.

For whom? How can you benefit from taking part in the workshop?

We live in an increasingly multicultural society. In everyday life, at school and at work, we meet different people, people with different opinions, raised in a different tradition or representing different social minorities. Perhaps you as a teacher also have young people with a migration or refugee background in your class. In any case the workshop will provide you with the tools and skills necessary to better understand and respond effectively to diversity in the classroom, but also to manifestations of discrimination. During the workshops we will also encourage you to explore the possibility to organise an international school exchange and create partnerships with teachers and educators from other countries. It will be an opportunity to work on the anti discrimination topic in an international setting.

This event is aimed at youth workers in non-formal education institutions and teachers from Poland, Germany and Slovakia who would like to receive professional support in organising the international school exchange and in responding effectively to the needs of young people by conducting anti-discrimination education. The international dimension of the workshop makes it possible to share experiences and good practices in different countries, which is why the workshop is conducted in English and a communicative level of use of this language by participants is required.

Do you know someone who might be interested? Make sure to let her or him know about it!

What is the method?

The methods presented during the workshop will be based on the use of Stories that Move materials. The online platform Stories that Move encourages students to think critically about diversity and discrimination, to reflect on their own attitudes and choices.

In short films, young people share their stories, both positive and their experiences of exclusion, discrimination and hate crime. These moving, but told in a simple and understandable way, stories are a starting point for working with young people on issues of discrimination. This is made possible through ready-to-use learning paths, using information, tasks and stories from the lives of different young people.

An innovative set of interactive tools in the form of multilingual, hybrid learning materials has been developed by an experienced team of educators from seven European countries. The platform was created between 2015 and 2018 and is now being spread across formal and non-formal education.

How can it be used?
The Stories that Move website is available in seven languages (Polish, English, German, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Slovak and Dutch), so that the materials posted on it can be used in lessons. The scenarios are designed to be completed during a lesson hour.
Anti-discrimination education is an activity that can be carried out either as part of a compulsory lesson or as an additional activity in the form of a workshop. Another possibility are international school exchanges funded by the Polish-German Youth Office, you will be able to find out more about it in Krzyżowa.

What, where and when?
Please, apply using this application form by the 1 of April 2023.

After an e-mail confirmation from the organisers, the participation fee, must be paid within one week:
120 PLN for participants from Poland
40 EUR for participants from Germany and Slovakia

During the event we provide accommodation (in double rooms), food and supporting educational materials.

We plan to start the program at 5 pm on Monday (the 24th of April) and finish at 11 am on Thursday (the 27th of April).

Participants from Germany and Slovakia can apply for partial reimbursement of travel costs. Participants from Poland cover travel costs to Krzyżowa on their own. It is possible to come to Krzyżowa by train. There is also a possibility of organising a shuttle bus for participants from Wrocław to Krzyżowa.
If travel costs should prevent you from participating, please contact us.

Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe
Stiftung Kreisau für Europäische Verständigung
Krzyżowa 7
PL- 58-112 Grodziszcze

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant coordinator in your country:

Poland: Agata Janeczek,, +48 571 203 536
Germany: Robert Zenker,, +49 30 2888656-29
Slovakia: Michal Keim,, +421 903 434 282







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