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Taking action

Young people from around Europe share their experiences of becoming active against discrimination and prejudices.

The clips are subtitled in seven languages. To change subtitles, view in full screen and click settings. The clips marked with * are also subtitled in French.

  • Brahim, Spain, 20

    Brahim talks about how he responds to insults about him being Moroccan.

  • Varvara, Ukraine, 16

    Varvara on making educational Tiktok videos.

  • Ilias, Spain, 27

    Ilias on the importance of spreading awareness and not getting disheartened.

  • Sofiia, Ukraine, 20

    Sofiia on her journey as an activist, from historical remembrance to feminism

  • Amjad, Netherlands, 22

    Amjad explains how he tries to motivate other people to use their vote.

  • Alyona, Ukraine, 19*

    Alyona took part in a film project to show positive things about the Roma community.

  • Majka, Slovakia, 18

    Majka talks about how her book club tries to counter myths about Roma people.

  • Dori, Hungary, 18

    Dori is a volunteer tour guide through the Jewish neighbourhood of Budapest.

  • Matías, Spain, 23

    Matías on encouraging LGBTQI+ young people to ask questions and educate themselves.

  • Nick, Ukraine, 18

    Nick describes being active in an organisation that campaigns for LGBT and equal rights.

  • Robin, The Netherlands, 18

    Robin works as a tour guide in the Resistance Museum Gouda to tell more about Jewish history.

  • Ivan, Hungary, 18*

    Ivan explains how he responded when a Roma boy sat next to him in a bus.

  • Tomas, The Netherlands, 20

    Tomas on the importance of events that make you realise you are not alone.

  • Amjad, Majka, Matías, Robin, Sofiia

    Stories of five people who took action. This clip is integrated in the learning path Taking action, lesson 3.

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