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Seeing & being

Young people from across Europe share their thoughts on identity.

The clips are subtitled in seven languages. To change subtitles, view in full screen and click settings.

  • Michelle, Spain, 19

    Michelle encourages people to speak about their LGBTQI+ identity.

  • Nick, Ukraine, 17

    Nick talks about how people reacted when he came out.

  • Anna, Denmark, 17

    Anne talks about her Jewish identity.

  • Ilias, Spain, 27

    Ilias shares his experiences of observing Ramadan.

  • Nued, Germany, 17

    Nued grew up in Frankfurt, but tells how he doesn't feel at home in Germany.

  • Rocio, Spain, 21

    Rocio describes learning to be proud of who she is.

  • Robin, The Netherlands, 18

    Robin talks about the necklace she wears, with a Star of David, and the hassle it brings her.

  • Lisa, Spain, 21

    Lisa experiences prejudices about Chinese people and confronts her own prejudices.

  • Sofiia, Ukraine, 20

    Sofiia talks about people mistaking Russian for Ukrainian.

  • Matías, Spain, 23

    Matías talks about gaining confidence to open up as being transgender.

  • Matej, Slovakia, 18

    Matej talks about his disability and how that affects him.

  • Laurens, The Netherlands, 17

    Laurens talks about how he discovered that he is transgender.

  • Faisal, Spain, 20

    Faisal talks about being all alone in a new country.

  • Hilga, Germany, 16

    Hilga describes coming out as a lesbian.

  • Susanna, Ukraine, 18

    Susanna reflects on her identity and what it is like to hang out with boys.

  • Lisa, Spain, 21

    Lisa speaks about being Chinese and how our identity goes beyond our parents’ origins."

  • Salma, Slovakia, 22

    Salma speaks of the responses she gets wearing a headscarf and being fluent in Slovak.

  • Daniel, Hungary, 16

    Daniel describes the hostility men face on the streets if they wear a kippah.

  • Varvara, Ukraine, 16

    Varvara talks about feeling proud of being Ukrainian.

  • Romario, Denmark, 18

    Romario talks about belonging to two cultures: living in Denmark and being an Assyrian Christian.

  • Márk, Hungary, 17

    Márk talks about being Roma in a non-Roma environment.

  • Wael, Germany, 19

    Wael describes his Palestinian roots and how he escaped Syria and was granted asylum in Germany.

  • Landry, Slovakia, 17

    Landry talks about how people in Slovakia react to him being Slovakian with roots in Benin, west Africa.

  • Alyona, Ukraine, 19

    Alyona is Roma and thinks it is important to be open about her identity.

  • Shirel, Austria, 17

    Shirel talks about how she relates to Georgia and Israel, where her parents lived before they migrated to Austria.

  • Fadumiin, The Netherlands, 22

    Fadumiin talks about how people see her and who she really is.

  • Varvara, Ukraine, 16

    Varvara on the importance of speaking Ukrainian.

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