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Discussing diversity and discrimination in the classroom

The voices, faces and experiences of young people form the foundation of this toolbox – with the intention that their stories will inspire learners to listen to them and to one another, to reflect on what they hear, and to share their feelings and thoughts. This approach fosters interpersonal skills and empathy. It can improve relationships in the classroom and create a learning environment in which complex and sensitive topics can be explored together.

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Who is Stories that Move for?

Learners aged 14 and older are the target group for Stories that Move. The learning paths or lesson plans can be used in humanities, languages and social classes (history, social sciences, ethics classes). The educators’ guides indicate the attainment level of the learning paths. Most parts of the online learning tool are easily adaptable for different age groups and learning levels.

Here you can find in-depth information about our pedagogical approach. The five learning paths will enable you to create awareness of the importance of taking action on discrimination.

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