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For educators

How to make full use of the toolbox and work towards a safer learning environment in which it is okay to talk about sensitive issues? Read our background information to gain a greater understanding of the complexity of discrimination in its many forms. You will feel confident and equipped to enthuse your learners.

Who is the toolbox for?

Learners aged 14-17 are the target group for Stories that Move. The learning paths can be used in humanities, languages and social classes (history, social sciences, ethics classes).The educators’ guides indicate the attainment level of the learning paths. Most parts of the online learning tool are easily adaptable for different age groups and learning levels. For more precise information on how Stories that Move fits the requirement of your curriculum see ‘Country-specific’.

In-depth information about our pedagogical approach, and about the five learning paths enable you to create awareness of the importance of taking action on discrimination.

Thanks to the country-specific content on relevant local topics and situations Stories that Move will match with your curriculum, while at the same time reflecting on the ‘global’ world that young people live in.

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